Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paper bag

Sorry, fans! (i.e. Maman). I know my posts have been few and far between - I have been extremely busy with that stressful, busy, all-consuming thing that is ma vie. If I post anything in the next month then you know I am procrastinating and should be doing something else more productive. Something more important than a fashion blog. If such a thing exists!

I found this absolutely brilliant paper bag and I just had to share. But not just any paper bag, no! this one is a for-real Hermes bag to make yourself! Out of paper! From far away it probably looks like a real one, just like what Grace Kelly would have had, if she was a broke-ass blogger. Go, go to the Hermes website and download the PDF of your shopping dreams. You deserve it!

1 comment:

beanie said...

Love the bag. It would look so cool with my designer paper hat. Just hope it doesn't rain! All I need now is one of those gorgeous silk Hermes scarves and look out people, here comes the style queen. Wow!