Friday, January 23, 2009

Fur rant

Fur. There, I said it. What kind of fashion blogger would I be not to have something to say about fur? It's all soft and warm and fluffy like animals, but obvs this is no reason to wear it. If you wear fur you are wearing a big hairy sign that says "Yay! Someone clubbed a fur seal to death for me!!" And don't tell me that secondhand fur is ok. Vintage fur is the same amount of unacceptable, just older. Although, if you want to tell the world that you are a meanie with lots of cash, then go ahead. Fur smacks of money - it’s neither subtle nor classy.

I think that if you happily eat steaks and cheeseburgers and bacon then you have no business being squeamish about chicken's feet and brisket and monkey brains. Which is why this bag is so awesome! It speaks a truth rarely found in the fashion world. Let’s stop pretending that meat and fur and animals are different things and grab your Chanel meat handbag!

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